Tom Dello – Artistic Director
Director – Actor- Textual editor
Tom has a Masters degree in Performing Shakespeare from Bath Spa University in the UK. He performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London and has directed several Shakespearean plays over the last few years both in Dutch as in English.

Maike Pijnappel – Artistic Director
Director – Actor – Education
Maike is a graduate from Utrecht School of Arts as a theatremaker and teacher. She did a full-time internship at Bath Spa University working with English theatre and specializing in Shakespeare.


Tom Eijkelhof
Tom graduated from East 15 Acting School in London. He is a versatile bilingual actor working with theatre companies like The Orange Tea Company and Theatre of Entanglement.

Nina van der Mark
Nina has proven herself to be a competent theatremaker, actor and designer graduating from Utrecht School of Arts with a bachelor degree in Theatre and Education and a Masters degree in Fine Arts Scenography. She is specialized in object theatre, puppet theare, and art in public space.

Cézanne Tegelberg
Cézanne, another East 15 graduate, has her own theatre company called Theatre of Entanglement. She is an accomplished bilingual actress, director and teacher with different English theatre productions.