The workshops provided by the Ginger Shakespeare Company are fun, exciting and always adapted to the specific needs and wishes of the people who experience them.

Monsters and Monarchs Workshop
Before you experience the rich and rebellious history of the English throne you get to experience the characters and language of the Shakespearean plays yourself! By performing the famous speeches by Henry V and Richard III you will get a better understanding of the beautiful language and the epic story that Monsters and Monarchs entails.

General Shakespeare Workshop
During this workshop you get to experience first hand what it is like to perform the great texts of William Shakespeare. You will get a better understanding of the world and time he lived in, as well as the theatre and audience he wrote for. You will even get a chance to envision and perform your own modern-day version of a famous Shakespeare scene.

The Play’s the Thing Workshop
Love King Lear? Curious about Julius Caesar? In amazement of Hamlet? Choose any Shakespearean¬†play you want and we will have an engaging and exciting workshop that goes with it. You’ll be able to explore the story, the themes, the language or focus on a specific speech or scene within the play. It’s all up to you!

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